Every Sunday from 10:00am-10:50am we have scheduled classes for every age group. Whether you're a big family or a newly wedded couple, there is a class for you that can strengthen, encourage, and educate you to prepare you for the morning service. Each class teaches in a variety of ways to make it easier to learn and understand the word of God. LifeChange is blessed to have the leadership of our ministry team that prepare, teach, and love each and every person they have in class.

sunday school

Adult Class

Rev. Paul Hook teaches our Adult Sunday School classes. The adult class is taught by series, sermons, and hands on bible studies. This class is ages 18 & up.

Student Class

Our Student Ministry class is under the leadership of our Student Pastor and wife, Derek & Elaine Gray. Every student in this class has been changed and motivated spiritually in their walk with God. Ages for this class are 12-18 years old and located in the Life Center Building.

Hyphen Class

Magalie Normil teaches our Hyphen Class with the assistance of Ashley Hill. This class uses hands on teaching with visual aids to help young adults in the college and career age learn truth. Ages for this class are 18-30 years old.

Beginner Class

Karen Rogers teaches our Beginner class. She uses a variety of fun lessons in order to not only keep the attention of the children, but to also engage them in learning about the Word of God. There are plenty of coloring, books, and toys in this class! Ages for this class are 6-8 years old.

Toddler Class

Our Toddler Class is taught by Rachel Roberts and Rebecca Stallone. Along with the other classes, the toddlers are never too young to learn about the Word of God! This class is located next to the Nursery. Ages for this class are 5 years old and under. 


The Nursery is available on Sunday mornings for children 3 years old & under. Nursery check-in is from 10:55-11:10am.


Substitute Teachers


Marilyn McElhaney


David & Cassie Allen

young at heart


panera bread


Managed by Mike Kohrmann, LifeChange participates in the Panera Bread Dough-Nation program. We have a faithful team that picks up, packages, and delivers a variety of breads and pastries to the elderly, single parents, and those in need within our community.



. Every year, the men attend special events like Men's Conference in Nashville, TN and other church related functions. There is fellowship, men’s outdoor activities, and just good fun when our men get together!



Our Ladies group is led by our First Lady, Mitzi McElhaney. Every year, our ladies attend conferences, events, and host get togethers to strengthen and encourage each other through the love of Christ.



KIDS CLUB is our weekly kids church. It is held on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm and is under the direction of Natalie Hood. During Campfire Kids, kids participate in action praise songs, interactive games and activities, and experience God’s word through illustrated sermons.



Fusion Student Ministries is based on 1 Corinthians 12:12, "For as the body is one, and hath many members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ." Fusion SM is led by our Student Pastor & wife, Derek & Elaine Gray.


We have a scheduled activity at least once per month and attend camps, conferences, and special services throughout the year.

The Young at Heart Ministry consists of those ages 65 & up. This golden group attend plays, events, and have regular get togethers. You don't have to be young to have fun! This crowd is full of wisdom and good times!