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11:00 AM - Worship & Word


7:00 PM - Bible Study & Kids Club



There is a great importance of fellowship in your everyday life. It reminds you that building positive, long-lasting relationships with people at church, work, school, and even in your home is vastly important. As you connect with God, He connects you with those around you through Him and for Him. Connection fuels not only relationships in Christ, but willingness and desire to do more for Him.


LifeChange is full of ministry and service opportunities. Maybe your service is cleaning the church, hosting youth fellowships, or assisting in teaching Sunday School. It takes all of us working together for the church to function as God intended. He empowers us to serve, and multiplies our efforts in exponential ways. In order to grow in Him, we must first learn to be servants in the Kingdom.


Knowing God’s Word and how it makes a difference in the day-to-day is key to a balanced life. Growing in knowledge is vital, but it’s about more than just information. It’s about truly becoming a disciple and seeing God’s Word come alive in your life. It’s about discovering something fresh and inspiring in a passage you’ve read a hundred times. As you spiritually mature, you will become what God intended for you to be.


Standing still is not an option. We must "GO" in order to make a difference. As we connect with God's people, develop a love to serve, and grow in His Word, we must then go out unto the world and reach those that need to know Him. We are the messengers, YOU are the messenger. Go with us.

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